Monday, July 22, 2013

Fxxk!! This guy copy my Blog content!!

My dear readers.

A friendly reader alerted me that this blog site is copying my WHOLE POST CONTENT on CPO, & also deleted my blogspot address printed on my charts....
 He then post my commentaries as if its from his own brains......WTF!!!!!!

I havent check his archive, God knows since when he started faking contents from all other sites....
If you have been following my post, that's exactly what I posted yesterday night on my usual end-week postings on CPO. Read it here.
Needless to say, that chart is MY CHART, even after my "" print is deliberately removed on it.....wanna play 'spot the difference' here?!!

I'm very furious & the first thing I should do is to report this guy to Blogger team.
But they required legal documents to proof that my content is copyrighted....which I don't have!...:(

I know this guy mentioned should be in my subscription list too, & will saw this post on himself.
My advice is, you better put in my name & blog as source for your 'copycat' postings, or, I will use all my resources to reveal that you're but a fake copycat!!

Even though his blog disclaimer says that his content is gathered from other reliable sources, failing to mention the source he got it from as he is posting it, & deliberate removal of people's copyright/blog site print has more than tell on what his true intention really is...

Thanks for making me feel more proud of my analysis, FAKER!!


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