Friday, July 13, 2012

FCPO - How I made 1-mth salary in 1 trade !

Sounds like scam FOREX seminar ads in the papers....haha....but it's true....

Let's see how it went:
FCPO - Head & Shoulder pattern completed on July 12 (July 13, 2012)

Just a quick one on this....But I'm really excited that my techniques actually apply to FCPO too, so far so good. Will keep on monitor my CPO TEST RUN result still.

Anyway, I'll treat this as an extra incentive as my initial target is at about 3,060 level which I previously discounted to 3,080 due to the BULLISHNESS of the CPO price due to RAYA demand....HIGH soybean oil price due to drought in US Grain Belt region.

Accidentally earned some extra 30pts....haha....So, this weekend got some extra pocket money to!!

Enjoy! Happy Hunting!!

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