Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27 - FKLI, FCPO & SoyOil

Hi all.

In brief....

- A massacre of the shorties who speculated a plunge on Dissolution/GE13 announcement.
- Price push through the important 1,674 level. Looking at 1,680 overhead, followed by 1,690, or 
  even 1,700, before we see 1Q'13 close on Friday.
- Momentum already peaking, but it may linger up there for some time, if we don't see any pullback 
  by end of week.
- Note S&R on chart.

FKLI - In short, Massacre of Shorties, 1,674 broken in a breeze (Mar27)


- A rebound day, from 2,430 up to day high of 2,467, closed in doji  at 2,447.
- Retested the hourly double-top neckline at when touches 2,467 day high.
- May possibly continue to bounce tomorrow, as hinted by still bullish momentum, & indecisive close
  in doji.
- Bullish SoyOil may help support the price....See SoyOil comments below...
- Note S&R on chart.

FCPO - Retest 2-top neckline at 2,467, closed in Doji (Mar27)

- Break above the down-channel housing the pullback from 53.60-48.67 since early Feb'13.
- Breakout confirmed by a stay above 50.50 support, or above the down-channels.
- Bullish outlook may help support CPO price, or may not, as our CPO has its own fundamental 
  problems of high stockpile & low demand.
SoyOil - Break Above Down-Channels since early Feb (Mar27)

Till then!
Stay safe if you're in FKLI. Beware of the already over-decorated window...hehe...:p...

Happy Hunting!! :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25 - FKLI, FCPO & SoyOil

Hi All.

A sweeping return of victory for FKLI bulls today. Rising a whopping 30.5pts for Mar'13 contract, & a brow-rising 34pts on the Apr'13 contract, both turned from a steep discount to at premium to the underlying KLCI index.
Talk about volatility on FKLI, as we are stuck with an expiring government & a much-delayed call for election...-_-///

Today's mighty white/piercing sword (my very own nicknames for the candle...:p), has more than nullify the previous slight possibilities of a resume of the downtrend from 1,705 peak.
We are officially back within the same old correction mode since early Feb low of 1,585.5. 
The best fit to the wide-range sideway price movement, starting from the 1,585.5 low, would be an ascending flat (some may consider it a bear flag...which is effectively the same technically...).
Shall this explanation holds true, we are looking at the last/5th minor wave within a typical flat (5-waves, abcde).

There are still room for the bullish momentum as suggested by W%R, which has yet to reach its overbought region.
The two uptrend lines defining the ascending flat also suggest more upside to current rebound from 1,608 low.
We are again revisiting those similar resistance levels which, by now, shall come to mind with a snap of fingers....1,655-59.5 | 1,664-68.5 (Mar12 high) | Jan21 high of 1,674 (which was missed by a few ticks before plunging down from 1,668.5 high to 1,608 low, throughout last week).
I believe we shall see bulls take a breather after working at full strength this whole afternoon. We might well see slight consolidation following the superb run today. 
Support comes in at 1,651-53 | 1,646 | 1,638-40.

FKLI - A Record 30pt-Migthy White (Mar25)
The blood bath within the high-volatility sideways correction on FKLI is just in no way benefiting the ruling party in their desperate last-hour effort to gather more support. Or, are they?....(~_~;)''...


CPO price failed to overcome the 2,503-05 resistance today, closing in a bearish engulfing candle instead. On shorter timeframes, a double-top is clearly seen, restricted by the 2,503-05 resistance level.
The bearish candle does not augur well for the rebound from 2,360 low the past two weeks. Furthermore, the 2,504 resistance marks a 61.8% retracement of the primary downtrend from 2,592 high since early Feb.

A close below its overbought level on W%R signalling a weakening momentum, after it peaked on Mar22 bullish close of 2,494. Further drop in momentum, without revisiting its OB region, shall confirmed a hidden bearish divergence on momentum.
A lower open & close tomorrow shall confirm a reversal top at 2,505. Preferably, a close below the ST uptrend line carrying the rebound from 2,360 low.

FCPO - Bearish Engulfing + 2-top @ 2,500-05 Resistance (Mar25)


On SoyOil, price still wanders within the down-channels formed following the drop from 53.60 high.
As of writing, price is consolidating below resistance level of 50.50-50.75, also near the daily channel-top.
Shall the resistance level holds, we might see another downwave to find the channel bottom. If overcome, price shall chanllenge the next resistance level of about 51cents.
The direction of price in near future, up or down further, shall also determines whether the current retracement is a pullback of the previous MT uptrend since Nov'12, or it has already peaked at 53.60 & reversed.

SoyOil - Down-Channels still intact, watch 50.50-50.75 R-level (Mar25)

Still...March'13 is giving me a really tough time....
This cant help but add to my dissatisfaction towards the good-for-nothing government....still refuse to let go of their expiring mandate, while they continue to rip our nation & people off their wealth (whether they admit it or not)...。。。(# ` /\ ')。。。with total disgust。。。


Friday, March 22, 2013

March 21 - FKLI & FCPO

Hi All.

Just got back from outside...
Still did a quick analysis on the local futures, to record down some potential significant changes in the sentiment on both instruments today.


After days of consolidation within converging lines, in what seems like an ascending triangle, or maybe a flag, late trading today saw price seems to have broken down below the congestion area (I'm not sure what form it is, yet...:p), closing on the weak support of 1,623.

We'll see if tomorrow we can see some continuation of the downward movement, to confirm a breakout.
Short on first retracement shall the downward movement is confirmed.
This may well be the start towards the 1,587 support, as illustrated by the hand-drafted wave counts in my previous post.

FKLI - Potential end to current rebound from 1,608 low? (Mar21)



It did a wonderful reversal right near the Wave1 low of 2,476 (intraday high 2,477), closed in a Shooting Star. Its a bearish signal, especially so as we are at a rebound high within a primary downtrend on CPO.

Look forward to a potential Evening Star formation, by a opening gap down tomorrow & a close below the mid of Mar19 candle body....Just a gut feeling that it may turn out that way...:)

FCPO - Wave4 probably ended at 2,477, Shooting Star signals reversal (Mar 21)


Jobless claims rise in earlier reported data by US Labor Department, sending DOW on a decline of +- 50pts, as of now. (DOW has recouped some of its near 100pts losses in early hours of trading....)

Gotta grab some sleep...zzZZzzzZZzz.....
Have a good night everyone.
Happy Hunting for tomorrow!! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mar 18 - FKLI & FCPO

Hi All.

Since I last posted on the Mar12 Dark Cloud Cover closing at 1,653, FKLI has dropped another hefty 36pts to close at 1,617.5 today, Mar18, hitting an intraday low of 1,608 in fact.

So, the Mar12 setup targeting 1,674 high has obviously failed.
The previous rebound from 1,593 low ended at 1,668.5 high, & had subsequently reversed into the current down swing.

When the index readjusted & closed down 13pts on Friday below its mid-band support of about 1,635, FKLI follow suit with a last-15min plunge below its own 1631-34 support, & closed low 1,625.5.

I was doubting the violation of the daily mid-band support, as the news of a change of weightage effective Mar18 on the KLCI components seemed little known.
I wasn't aware of the change myself, until being alerted by my broker following the plunge late Friday.

Well, the doubt on whether the violation of the mid-band was all cleared when we open gapping lower to 1,618.5 this morning on FKLI.
Price then retest 1,620-21.5 level but soon gave up & plunge together with the underlying cash market, hitting a low of 1,608, an hour into trading.
Later saw price rebounded to congest around 1,614-1,619 range before closing at 1,617.5 for the day.

Okay. I must admit recent price movement on the FKLI is confusing me & my analysis, while its eating into my capital with its wild swings up & down. 

Initially, I was seeing it as a consolidating flat within 1,587-1,640 range. 
Then, came the breakout from 1,640 to the upside. ...Wrong!!...
The breakout was follow by another two gap ups, sending price bullishly up along an uptrend line, thought that's a reversal up from previous downtrend. Did a fibo projection & find a target of 1,674. Price hit high at 1,668.5 & reversed down. ... Snap!!... -_- ///
Since price had pullback below daily-mid-band, its a confirmed reversal downward now. ...dizzy....@_@''
Having no luck with trendlines, flag/flat/triangle...etc...
At last, I decided its time to resort to Elliott Wave to tell me what exactly is going on...

By today's close, what we know for sure now is:
(1) Price is in a corrective move throughout the rebound from 1,585.5 low up to recent high of 
      1,668.5. Unfolding in 3-waves patterns, rather than the motive 5-waves movement.
(2) The drop from 1,668.5 recent high has been confirmed to be a reversal, rather than a uptrend 
      pullback, following the violation of daily mid-band support around 1,631-33 on Friday, Mar15.

Counting the drop from pivot high of 1,668.5, it is quite possible that the correctional mode since late Jan might have ended.
To confirm the resume of the previous downtrend from 1,705 peak, we will need to see further drop below today's low of 1,608, giving a 5-wave pattern to the current down swing from 1,668.5 high.

This is the counts I drafted on my trading log after market close.

FKLI - Wave Count Draft I (Mar 18)

After several possible counts, I think this version fits the current movement best, but do take note that this is a really amateur wave counts & might just be erroneous...i.e. follow at your own risk...~_~''
Shall anyone find something funny with the counts, kindly let me know so I can rectify it.

Assuming the counts are right, a fibo projection gives the next drop an end-target of around 1,587. Shall we go there tomorrow, it will spell the resume of the downtrend from FKLI all-time high of 1,705.

Of course, there's another much safer way to trade the market from here.
Assuming we have yet to finish with the drop from all-time high of 1,705, we expect further downward movement.
Hence, we can patiently wait for a convincing break below the LT support of 1,587, then safely enter our trade at the first retracement high.
Another approach will be to stick to the news & make sure you are among the first ones to hear that long-delayed dissolution announcement. Then, take the short on panic selling. ...LOL...

Perhaps this is an omen to the long-awaited parliament dissolution anouncement?...huhu...:p...
Anyway, please, NEVER trade on speculation...



CPO price failed to continue the bullishness saw on Friday, Mar15.
Price opened slightly lower & gradually retracing Friday's rise in a small 30pts range day, closed 2,383, below previous immediate support of 2,390-2,400.

The level of 2,360-70, proven solid after several test past two weeks, shall not be violated for the Wave4 to continue unfolding to the upside.
Overhead, resistance is still the same at 2,400-20 | 2,450-70.
Wave4 shall not overlap Wave1, hence, mark our ultimate resistance at 2,476, Wave1 low registered on Feb15.

The Mar1-20 export figures due out soon might be the reason behind the quiet range, as traders could be holding back on their positions for the moment.

On another note,
KLK CEO is reported to express concern on Malaysia's expiring GSP status with the EU in Jan'14.
Losing the status may further depressed the already weak export demand for Malaysia CPO, as rival Indonesia lower-taxed exports will appear even more attractive than now.
This may add to the misery of our current high-stockpile, low-demand CPO industry, not to mentioned the suppressed price squeezing tight on the operating margin.
While it's still about three quarters away from the GSP expiry, sooner or later, the issue will come to focus, given that EU's (3rd largest importer) rising demand is one of the few new market segment our local exporters are targeting, amid slowing demand from our biggest importer, China.

Anyway, we'll see if the bulls are ready to move again in this new trading week.

FCPO - Wave4 stalled, Awaiting a long entry. (Mar18)

Okay. That's about all.
Happy Hunting!! :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mar 12 - FKLI, FCPO & SoyOil

Hi All.

Today saw FKLI reversed a large part of yesterday's rise. 

Price gap up slightly at open & reached a day high of 1,668.5 before collapsing all the way down to a low of 1,652. Price barely recover & close near day low at 1,653. 
The day closed on a bearish Dark Cloud Cover candle.

Well, just saw my profit from yesterday's long green nearly all wiped off. Which is why, Swing Traders must have a strong heart, seeing their account expanding & shrinking with each day's price movement....Especially when it's shrinking....:p

Technically speaking, a dark cloud cover is indeed one of the most bearish candlestick pattern one can named.
Anyway, I'm going to take today's close with a pinch of salt....Seeing that the candle sits right above the daily uptrend line.
In fact, from another perspective, today's closing makes for an excellent LONG entry, especially for those who are still sidelined or regretting missing the rebound party.

From whichever side you are seeing it, waiting is inevitable....
We'll have to see whether the uptrend line shall holds tomorrow, which will decide if today's decline is the start of a temporary reversal, or was it merely a result of profit-taking plus some latecomers panic selling.
That we shall see tomorrow. In the meantime, I keep my faith in the 3-week-old uptrend line supporting the rebound from 1,593.

FKLI - Dark cloud cover, but still on uptrend line (Mar 12)


CPO saw some of its recent climb from 2,367 low reversed also today.

Price finally breakout from previously anaemic rise in an overhanging ascending flat after the late Mar07 breakout from 2,390-2,410 congestion area.
Price open gap down & fall throughout the day until it hits the breakout level of about 2,400-2,410, which has now turned a strong ST support.

With the long-awaited Feb MPOB industry data out, we are back purely to technical-trading.
The 2,400-2,410 support level has been tested several times & proven strong.
With momentum indicators near their middle/lower levels, chances of bouncing off the support from here is pretty, provided there's no significant gap down at tomorrow's open.

Similar to FKLI technical layout, with an underlying short-term uptrend, while price retrace back onto the ST trendline after prior day's rise, closing in a bearish tone.
Both requires a confirmation tomorrow to give a clearer direction for the trading week.

For me, I'm keeping a cautiously bullish stand for both FKLI & CPO, watching the respective key support levels like a hawk.

FCPO - Ascending Flat breakdown, Support @2,400 holds (Mar 12)


SoyOil failed to bring any leads to CPO price, as it's also moving in a directionless manner, oscillating within the 50.05-50.35 range.
Price hovers above the daily ST downtrend line, which seems holding, though price have yet to bounce off it.

Also need some waiting & confirmation work here for SoyOil.

SoyOil - Sideway Consolidation Range 50.05-50.35 (Mar 12)

The earlier oomph from yesterday's strong momentum on both FKLI & FCPO fades away...My trading week again reversed back into pending mode.

Wishing for some exciting strong trends ahead.....~*~*...*~*~
Happy Hunting!! :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mar 11 - FKLI, FCPO & SoyOil

Hi All.

An early post today.
Past few days saw both local futures traded in a subdued & lackluster manner, hence I had little to add by end of the trading week.

A new trading week finally bring some life into the trading field.



After slightly over two days (including this morning) of consolidation within a FLAT ranging 1,646-1,655, we finally see a breakout from the range in late trading today, sending the FKLI to close at a high of 1,664.

With the breakout, we are now securely above the daily uptrend line again, after two days of slight bearishness induced by the lower highs formed on the past two daily candles.

So, let's look at the potential upside from here.

Firstly, we took out the 1,657 resistance level, marked by the Jan21 candle open.
After which, we went into consolidation between 1,646-1,655.
Today saw price formed a higher high at 1,664.5. 
Hence, immediate resistance is at 1,665 level, followed by 1,674, that Jan21 tower peak. :p

Some may have noticed that I have been plotting the fibo projection line on my daily chart since the rebound from 1,593 high.
A projection of the early-Feb 1,585.5-1,640 rebound gives a price target exactly at 1,674, further strengthening the resistance level.
Coupled with the ST uptrend line extending from 1,593 pivot low, we have about another 2-3days time to reach the target.

FKLI (Hourly) - Breakout from Flat; Back above uptrend line (inset, Daily) - (Mar 11)

Finally, our local benchmark is moving in-line with the regional market, which were mostly back at pre-crisis high, some even breaking new historical highs.
Nonetheless, downside pressure from the looming election is still there. Do constantly check our backs, just so we are not getting carried away by the new-found bullishness on the index.

Sharing my current ST philosophy on FKLI: 
Just when you think it's gonna plunge on election fear, it bounces;
Just when you think it's gonna retest the peak, it reverses??
LOL....Just sharing! :D
Just trade with the trend, follow your analysis, it shall not fail you.



Also saw narrow range trading the past few sessions, with traders anticipating the Feb'13 MPOB data, which was out this afternoon. 

MPOB February'13 Industry Data  

Data out was mixed, with declining output largely offset by a similar degree of drop in export demand.
Market reacted with an afternoon gap down, which quickly recovered, then saw price again travel in range of about 2,440-60, forming another small-bodied candle on the daily.

Trading remain slow even after the MPOB data is released, with daily volume recorded just a slight improve.
Technical layout remains the same, the currrent rebound should be a temporary wave4 following the drop from 2,593 recent pivot high.
Overhead resistance remained at 2,470-80 region, followed by the gap around 2,500-2,520 area.
Momentum seems slightly peaking, which means the rebound should progress faster from here, or risk cooling down & reverse back into the primary downtrend. 
Immediate resistance also comes from daily mid-band at around 2,470 level, which needs to be overcome tomorrow.for the rebound to remain intact. 

FCPO - Rebound Wave4 intact but slow progress (Mar 11)

A quick one on SoyOil too. Also stuck in range of 50.10-50.30 last week. Broken out of the range in late Fri-Sat trading last week. Currently retetsing & saw the support at about 50.20-50.30 holding nicely.
SoyOil - Broke above consolidating flat, retest support holds (Mar 11)

Till then !
Have a nice evening all !
Happy Hunting !! :)

Mar 11 - MPOB February Crop & Export Data

MPOB - February 2013
Malaysia’s February Palm Oil Exports 1.40 Mln Tons, Down 14% on Month

Malaysia’s February Palm Oil Output 1.30 Mln Tons; Down 19% on Month

Malaysia’s End-Feb Palm Oil Stocks 2.44 Mln Tons; Down 5.2% on Month

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mar 07 - FKLI & FCPO

Hi All.

Well, FKLI did a quick U-turn back up after my midday post earlier.

Although the morning gap at 1,655-57 was respected, the closing at 1,655 (yesterday's close) was still a little ambiguously high for a potential wave B of an ABC correction (my initial perception of today's price movement).

Hence, I'll keep that view aside for now, wait for a confirmation tomorrow, as to whether we are done with the retracement at 1,646 today, & looking at challenging the 1,660 resistance overhead.
Or, we may well see a slightly higher open tomorrow, forming a double top, & continue today's half-way-through retracement.

Anyway, closing back at 1,655 formed a hammer-like candle on the daily, which smell a little bullish after hitting a day low of 1,646. A lower than average volume did not give much support, though.
Nevertheless, the close manage to push price securely above the daily uptrend line. 

Mixed signals on daily & hourly....So, we wait for confirmation tomorrow.
I show the hourly chart here, which gives a clearer picture of what happened over the past three days.
FKLI - Hourly uptrend line violated, but a high close (Mar 07)


CPO finally tells us where it wanna go today, breaking out of the descending triangle, emerging above it & zoomed right up to 2,440 resistance level, no looking back.

Well, it still has to come back to retest the support after hitting resistance at 2,440.
Momentum has clearly weaken, minutes before the closing bell, though price is still able to hold within 2,430-40 range & closed at 2,435.

Expect some retracement tomorrow morning, after which may see another attempt to break through the 2,440-50 gap region. 
* Provided we do not gap right over it at tomorrow's open. Remember what happened to the 1,640 resistance level for FKLI?? 
LOL.... :p
Today's spike provide a solid follow through to the breakout from the ST downtrend line on Mar04.
Reiterating overhead resistance at 2,440-50 | 2,470-80 | 2,500 levels.
Strong support remain at 2,390-2,400, of which price shall not close back below, if the current rebound is to continue.

However, an Feb'13 crop data & export summary report due on Mar11 (Monday) may cause traders to avoid bringing position over the weekend.
Squaring off of positions may caused some price fluctuation tomorrow.

FCPO - Breakout from descending triangle consolidation (Mar 07)

Till then!
Happy Hunting!! :)

Mar05-07 - FKLI

Hi All.

I did some charts yesterday after market close. Was not able to get it posted before I went out for a dinner. Ooops...
I figure it may still help as of now, so let's give it a quick look here.

Mar 05
Following my short comments on Mar05 morning when market gapped right up to 1,640 & breach through it during the intraday price movement. The day eventually closed flat in a doji, which i saw as a continuation signal, rather than showing indecision, because it corrected the slight bearish sentiment from the two preceding retracing candles.

Mar 06
Saw a solid open above 1,640, & subsequently develop into a long green day & close just shy of the 1,657 resistance.
As of now, sideliners will be tempted to chase the rally, most probably regretting not going in earlier. Its true because I myself received a lot of grunt & complaints yesterday about missing the breakout rally from 1,640.

FKLI - Breakout from 1,640 confirmed. 1,657 may hinder price rally (Mar 06)

Mar 07
These regretting mindset will cause them to jump into the boat at any price available, which will cause price to spike at next day's open, where smart money will take the chance to profit take & fade the gap.
True enough, we opened high at 1,657 just now, peaked at 1,659.5. Now we are looking at what look like an exhaustion gap being covered, we are back below 1,650 support. 
On the daily, its now a temporary dark cloud cover, with the daily uptrend line support right at 1,647, near current day low.
Whether we will see a break below the daily trendline, remains to be seen.
However, a fibo retracement line plotted from 1,659.5-1,650 range gives a projection target of 1,644 (fibo 1.618), followed by 1,634.5 (fibo 2.618).

Temporarily, we are on a bearish tone for today. The close will be crucial to see if its a mild retracement day, or a solidly bearish reversal day.

FKLI - Temporary Top at 1,659.5. Neckline at 1,650 broken, Bearish (Mar 07, 1150h)

That's all for now....
Happy Hunting!! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mar 04 - FKLI & FCPO & SoyOil

Hi All.

Time flies...We have enter the last trading month of 1Q'13.
My 2012 year-end closing post felt like last month, while CNY was like last week.

Well, I guess I can't blame time, maybe it was because FKLI was just about at the same level it was after the end-Jan plunge. 
Trend suggesting an up, while election fear & shorting frenzy keeps u away from holding Long positions....Cautious mode, & darn frustrating too...~_~''

Today, a mid-morning trade error on PetGas, which saw it went to the low of 13+ bucks, dragged down with it the KLCI & FKLI.
My long position went to loss as the stop loss triggered. 
Volume on PetGas wasn't really super-high, meaning that the trade error was covered cheap, much cheaper than the losses it caused on FKLI traders. 
Whether you are on long, or u queued for short below support anticipating a breakdown, you are most likely doomed.
That's a really cheap wash & rinse....expect more of these to come as we get nearer & nearer to GE13.

FKLI showed slight weakness, even if you ignore the trigger down part.
However, with today's price distortion, I'll give it another day to confirm that price has indeed pivoted at 1,640 last Friday (Mar 01).

On the mid-term, the 50pt flat range between 1,590-1,640 still holds the price movement since Jan21 plunge.
Based on the flat & sideway-ish BB, I believe the 1,640 strong resistance is still not ready to be overcome by the bulls. 
In fact, there's no sign of a potential retest of the level in sight, as there was no follow through after a long green breakout day on Feb28, the best chance of challenging the resistance overhead, missed.
Hence, I'm more prone of looking at it as a start of another drop to test on the 1,590-1,600 long-term support, rather than a potential breakout above 1,640 & climbing back above the towering-over Jan21 long red. Also, a bleak outlook on the backdrop of a looming election.

Temporary, the sideway range is defined by the mid-upper daily BB, between 1,620-1,640.
To avoid any 'funky' trade-what-so-ever-error, it is best to either short the extreme high of 1,640, or long the mid-band support of 1,620. 
Of course, a break below 1,620 will see next support comes in at 1,590-1,600.

Momentum weaken slightly on today's drop. RSI just slightly above its mid-level support, while W%R has show a potential break-below of its uptrend line.
Volume also increases on the last two red candles, a warning sign of a potential pivot at 1,640.

FKLI - Still below 1,640, Sideway, Downward bias (Mar 04)
All in all, tomorrow's close shall give a clearer picture on the week's direction.


CPO had a bullish day today, closing at two-week high of 2,411.
Today's close has confirm a breakout above the ST downtrend line that has been respected throughout the drop of 2,585-2,367.
We may see start of a rebound up-wave from here, which may face some resistance at 2,440 | 2,470-80 | 2,500-20.
Note the downtrend line restricting RSI too, to gauge the potential peak following today's rebound.

Potential price catalyst may come from the speakers' speech from a palm oil conference currently on-going.
On March 11, MPOB will release Feb'13 crop data & export summary.

Barring any notable external noises, we are looking at a ST uptrend for the week.

FCPO - Break above ST downTL (Mar 04)

A look at SoyOil, its more or less in similar motion as CPO. 
Broke below a MT uptrend channel, price drop and unfolded 2or3 waves, currently looking at a temporary rebound after breaking above ST downtrend line.

A short-term uptrend shall define the week's price movement.

SoyOil - Break above ST DownTL, Correction up-wave unfolding (Mar 04)

The truth is, I'm pretty tired of the crankiness of FKLI as we see the ruling party keep delaying the GE13.
I hope they have the election tomorrow, if possible. Just so we can get back to the usual market sentiment, without an election plunge bias or panic, certainly without any cranky trade errors or 40pt-plunge-a-day day.

In the mean time, I'll shift my focus to CPO, & lighten on FKLI trades.
I'm really getting fearful, as I see too many being greedy right now. :p

All the best!
Happy Hunting!! :)

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