Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 27 - FKLI, FCPO & SoyOil

Hi all.

In brief....

- A massacre of the shorties who speculated a plunge on Dissolution/GE13 announcement.
- Price push through the important 1,674 level. Looking at 1,680 overhead, followed by 1,690, or 
  even 1,700, before we see 1Q'13 close on Friday.
- Momentum already peaking, but it may linger up there for some time, if we don't see any pullback 
  by end of week.
- Note S&R on chart.

FKLI - In short, Massacre of Shorties, 1,674 broken in a breeze (Mar27)


- A rebound day, from 2,430 up to day high of 2,467, closed in doji  at 2,447.
- Retested the hourly double-top neckline at when touches 2,467 day high.
- May possibly continue to bounce tomorrow, as hinted by still bullish momentum, & indecisive close
  in doji.
- Bullish SoyOil may help support the price....See SoyOil comments below...
- Note S&R on chart.

FCPO - Retest 2-top neckline at 2,467, closed in Doji (Mar27)

- Break above the down-channel housing the pullback from 53.60-48.67 since early Feb'13.
- Breakout confirmed by a stay above 50.50 support, or above the down-channels.
- Bullish outlook may help support CPO price, or may not, as our CPO has its own fundamental 
  problems of high stockpile & low demand.
SoyOil - Break Above Down-Channels since early Feb (Mar27)

Till then!
Stay safe if you're in FKLI. Beware of the already over-decorated window...hehe...:p...

Happy Hunting!! :)

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