Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Education Series - Basic Technical Indicators

Hi All.

I have compiled some slides on the common & basic Technical Indicators that most traders will use on their charts.
Of course, there are like tonnes of other indicators out there, including various customized indicators with fancy names which I can't really remember.
Just bear in mind that, technical indicators available does not limit to those I mentioned in the slides. But, chances are you'll find those common ones more useful than the others, given their popularity & accessibility (easily available in most charting platforms)... :)


On another note, I've plan to focus on my many other tasks on-hand & get them done by year-end.
I would likely not going to post the usual weekend long posts starting from now till end-2013.

Do catch my updates on the FB Page >> My.Trading.Space.
Once a while, I might just drop by with some updates over there. :)

In the mean time,

Wish All Happy Trading throughout 4Q'13!
Take advantage on the Year-End Rally to make some angpau money for the coming CNY 2014!! :p

Cheers! ^_^

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