Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28 - FKLI & FCPO

Hi All.

Update for the week start on FKLI & FCPO.

Omitted GOLD & SoyOil update, cause US was closed yesterday for Memorial Day.



FKLI - Bounce of 1,755-60 Support band. Remain in sideway range of 1,756-1,787|96.5 (May 28)

I noticed FKLI has been 'livelier' than it used to be, ever since we came back from GE13, easily 8-10k or more in daily volume.
Pulled out the Open Interest to check, apparently OI has been staying high & has recently reach historical high levels post-GE13.
How high?....As high as it used to be BEFORE we plunge into sub-prime crisis in 2007-08.
High OI may mean anything, but a historical high OI level sure means "CAUTION !!"

Perhaps, those of you who have experience with OI, may wanna share with me your thoughts on this very high OI on FKLI.

FKLI (Weekly) -1999-2013 - OI at historically high levels (May 28)


FCPO - Northern Doji; Breakout direction to dictate near-term move. (May 28)

Good night!
Happy Hunting!! :)

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