Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 24 - FKLI, FCPO, GOLD & NIKKEI Plunge (Closing Week4)

Hi All.

It's a long weekend with Wesak Day falling on Friday, also mark the start of mid-term school holidays.
I guess market gonna quiet down a little in the two weeks ahead due to the school holidays, also the sidelined cash rushed in following post-GE bullish LT resistance breakout on the KLCI/FKLI may have booked their first round of profit.

Remember the Kirk Report I recommended in my last post, on the 5 steps to becoming a trader?
At one stage, we will start drilling into the psychology behind the charts, market, & price movement. 
I guess I'm right at that stage, as I dig around looking for materials discussing trading psychology, even further extend my search to personal development reads on reprogramming our belief system or mindset.  

Speaking of which, I'm currently rereading this book on applying NLP to take control of our mind & thus designing our own destiny.
It's titled Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny, written by renowned young Singaporean self-made millionaire, Adam Khoo.  
For those who wish to stop drifting with the flow, start taking/regaining control of their life, & in turn designing/moving towards their goals in life, this book can well be your Success Manual, if you let it be.

Take the chance to hunt for life-enriching reads during the weekend, do share with me if any of you came across any interesting books worth reading. :)


FKLI - Mid-week Reverse back to 1,755-60 Strong Support (May23)

FCPO - Steadily climbed above 2,350-60 Resistance Band (May23)

NIKKEI - Recording the May23 furious 7.3% Plunge After Near-Parabolic Climb (May23)

GOLD - Double-bottom near 1,337-47, Apr15 Long Red low. (May 24)

On another note, I'm recently planning to start working on one of my major goals in life, adding values to other people's lives by sharing my trading knowledge with them.

I always believe that, as we share our knowledge with others, we not only sharpen our skills & reinforce our own understandings on the topics, we will even grow & learn from our sharing experience.

Also, through my personal development experiences, there's a saying going like this: 
"You can only be successful when you truly believe in what you are doing, & that you add values to other people's lives"
I'm successful because I add values to other people's lives!! :)

Appreciate if you could help me start adding more values to more people's lives:

Thank you!!

Enjoy your weekend!
Happy Hunting in the coming week!! :)

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