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April 15 - The Learning Never Stops Towards a Successful Trading Career

Hi All.

Below is a Q&A thread I took from one of my post comments field.
I'm sharing this out as a post as I figure the content might help with those who are still finding themselves struggling with trade consistency & psychology.
I've been there, done that, & still evolving for better...:)

~* The Q&A *~
hihi, still have 10 min to go my F1 Grand Prix, drop a fast question
Jeanne, what's trade style you more on? long/short term position or intraday? you must be able to control the emotional and psychological problems before as full time trader, any advice for those want to become full time trader?
Some guys peeping here want to know , they shy to ask, hahahahhaha

F1! Cool! \(^o^)/

I hold swing positions on FKLI (basic income), & day trade CPO (extra pocket money).
This is my current style. When I have grow my account enough as planned, I will change to another 'combo'

The truth is, I was kinda 'forced' to quit my day job earlier than expected (long & sad story), came in short of my initially planned starting capital.
Turned full-time anyway, coz I believe in forcing myself out of comfort zone to achieve higher goals, also I believe I have found my direction in the trading business.

Remember this, traders are not God, we are still humans, i.e. we can get emotional.
I got tricked by the 'news' during the April03 dissolution roller-coaster too. Technical says buy, but I'm too 'convinced' that its gonna be a winner to short on dissolution announcement.

The main takeaway is:
- Learn, Experience, come out with ur own trade setup that can give u an 'edge' against the 
- When ur setup appears, check the Risk:Reward ratio, if satisfiable, take the trade, DON'T 
- Then also, do treat each of ur trades EQUALLY. No one trade MUST BE A WINNER
  Start treating ur trades equally, manage ur risk with strict discipline, then u'll find 
  CONSISTENCY in ur trades & also ur PSYCHE.

I actually started off quite sloppily, big fluctuations in wins n losses. Went all haywire with my psyche.
It's the 'no turning back' factor that keep pushing me to 'evolve' for better, keep learning & adapting, especially the risk management & trading psychology part.

At some point, any traders will have equipped themselves with sufficient TA skills. The only thing that differentiate the consistently-winning from the still-struggling group is TRADE MANAGEMENT & PSYCHOLOGY.
Hope this will be of help.
~* The End *~


I've explored various seminars, programs, talks, congresses, foc & paid, to continue enriching my knowledge & mindset, towards a successful life.

Below, I compiled a few 'starters' which you all may start your very own journey of mind & soul searching from... lol... :)

Learning from the Experts:

T. Harv Eker - Understanding your money blueprint
Get Hardwired For Success

Explore Harv Eker's signature programs:
Millionaire Mind Intensive (3-day course)
National Achievers Congress Malaysia 2013

--- --- ---

Adam Khoo - Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

One of his many books that bring to our awareness the power of our mind, & how we can maximize our own mental resources to achieve what we want in life through simple NLP techniques.
Adam Khoo - Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny

--- --- ---

YouTube Videos on Trading

~ Trading Psychology - Lesson 6 - Pulling The Trigger

~ Before Trading for a Living - Is Swing Trading For A Living Possible?

~ A short vid from a true trader, sharing his experience on the harsh reality of what happens when
   you have a bad day when trading and how to recover.
   Quoting him: "Self-honesty & self-reflection is huge in this business." ....Very true indeed!
   Day Trading Advice: Recovering From A Bad Day


There's so many free resources to learn from in amid the digital information boom era, its just a matter of whether you WANT to learn, or you don't.

Happy Learning!! 

Came a long way, & still learning....


  1. Just finish my homework, "Ronda" here so fast updated :)

    1. Havent update my market analysis though...hehe...:p

      Sounds pretty prepared, doing homework the night before.
      U mainly trade on CPO i guess?
      Any sharing?

  2. great post :) spot on on the psychology part. These are some great and important tips that need to reminded constantly. Thank you for the youtube link. Have been looking for good trading education videos.

    1. Hi Ome Cool.


      Ya, psychology is the key to trading business continuity.
      I have many resources I frequently referred to to improve myself.
      They are all scattered around though, I'm thinking taking some time to compile & categorize them into a post for easier reference.

      Look forward to that...:)


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