Thursday, December 27, 2012

How Much Is Your Degree Worth ??

Hi all.

Just finished watching a video shared by a few friends, titled 'The College Conspiracy'.

I've grown up being a huge fan of Kiyosaki's skepticism on the saying:
"Study hard, Go to college, Get a good Degree, Find a good job, Live well ever after."
I've even resisted further studying after secondary school, but I was not strong enough to go against 'the common practice/culture' & my family's will.

Eventually, I went for a year of Malaysian Matriculation study, followed by 4 years of University life pursuing an Engineering Degree. All of which, I estimated had cost me roughly RM70k, not to mentioned the opportunity cost over the 5 years spent studying.

Last check, I'm making a living trading futures on the local market, with skills I acquired through 2-3 years of self-study, & slightly over RM15k of investment on various mind-setting, wealth & trading courses.
None of which has anything to do with my 4 years of Engineering studies.

After watching the video, 

I was thinking, if only I've skipped the 5 years of further studies after secondary school, & jump straight to where I started self-studying on trading matters.

I could have saved myself some RM70,000 of debt, & 2-3 years of time, 
with which I could have used to practice & sharpen my trading skills, & in turn make myself a successful trader, much more earlier in my life.

Anyway, I'm thankful that I managed to take the important step to detach myself from the 'common practice', into an uncommon territory called, OUTSIDE the COMFORT ZONE.
It is exactly this uncommon ground, I believe, that nurtures its more-than-average inhabitants to achieve exceptional success, all of which too 'outstanding' for the average crowd.

Which is why, 
I especially like this quote taken from the video (at 00:35:10):

There's still a huge gap between our education system & the ever-changing global economies, businesses & environment.
To lead a better life, I still think being a street smart is much more important than being the crème de la crème of a top university. 
I have seen many 4.0 graduates who can hardly live a proper life independently of their over-protective parents, not to mentioned contributing to the economy or society.

If you have a great job, you should watch this.
If you have a schooling child, you should watch this.
If you have an urge to be more than average, start re-educate yourself by watching this.


Well, I'm kinda good with enticing ad-phrases! LOL :D
A great food for thought for the long break before 2012 ends, with no apocalypse!.... :)

Last but not least, I'd like to take the chance to
Wish all of you & family,
a Merry X'mas, Great 2012, & Happy 2013 !! 

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