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August 23 - What's with the Foreign Fund Outflow?

Hi All. post for the week of August 19-24, 2013.
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I did a special feature on the recent foreign fund outflow topic rife on street...
Remember we discussed the potential bottoming out of USDMYR & MGS 10Yr-yield, all the way back when we close 1H 2013?

The simplest thing to do to assess how bad this 'FF outflow' thingy is affecting Malaysia markets, that includes all three equities, bond, & currency market, is to put a side-by-side comparison of the 3charts, June28 vs. Current.
A quick sneak peek here....Also, its available on the FB Page, of course.

Malaysia equity-bond-currency market, June28 vs. August23, to assess Foreign Fund Outflow effect

And then, I have the usual Favorite Trio analysis for FKLI, FCPO, & Gold, as of end of August 23, 2013.

FKLI, hammered by foreign fund outflow, is definitely setting s bearish tone.

CPO, on the other hand, buoyed by weak MYR, has been rising >100pts over the past 2 weeks, & still running strong as of Friday, August 23 close. Might see slight pullback/stall, before it continues its run towards the inverted H&S target of 2,400-2,420.

GOLD, on a double bottom breakout run-up, has been lifted further to end the week at high of 1,397.40, right below 1,400 mark, after a huge rise in jobless claim (due Thursday, Aug 22) + surprise 13% plunge of new home sales (due Friday, Aug 23).
Also, not forget to thanks the weakening USD (yes, Dollar is weakening, despite we in Malaysia seeing a furious depreciation of our Ringgit....sigh~~, depreciating against a weakening Dollar, imagine the seriousness....)

That's a quick sum up of the trio's, & on FF outflow...


Happy Weekend!!
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