Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 17-21 - FKLI, FCPO, GOLD (Closing Week3)

Hi All.

Was absent from the market early in the week, catching back in the middle of the week into drastic movement of FKLI & GOLD, after FOMC.
While CPO caught up with the bearish sentiment across the board, giving in its gains late into the week on June 20-21 (Thu-Fri).

FKLI - Rising Wedge breakdown, Downtrend continues but closing still solid (June 17-21)



FCPO - Bearish Sentiment builds; Island formed, pending breakout direction (June 17-21)


GOLD - 1,320 Significant Support Violated, Selling Continues... (June 17-21)

A friend mentioned on FB that The Apprentice Asia, Ep. 5, tested the candidates on virtual CFD trading.
Failed to find the full episode on YouTube, probably will emerge later...:p 
In the mean time, those who have access may peep into it for fun...
Again, its proven that Trading is not game where ur IQ matters any more than ur passion, persistence, & discipline. :)

Happy Sunday!!
Happy Hunting for the coming week!! :)

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