Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feb 04 - FKLI & FCPO

Hi all.

Today's post would be a little brief as I'm behind time for some other arrangements.
Sorry folks. ^_^///

I managed to squeeze in all my observations in the on-chart comments. Take note of them. :)


Generally, I see FKLI getting even more bullish today with a close at 1,637.5 high.
Tomorrow might see some slight pullback before any further rise, which shall be firmer & faster now that it's more obvious the bulls are gaining an upper hand in the game.
Support @ 1,630-31 | 1625
Resistance @ 1,638-40 | 1,647.5

FKLI - Continue its Bullishness (Feb 04)


We have an Inside Bar at close today, which signals indecision/a pause to previous strong move. 
It might leads to either a reversal/continuation of current uptrend, depending on which side it breaks out to.
Given that momentum indicators are at their highs, a psychological resistance of 2,600 right overhead, plus a toppish SoyOil Hourly chart at 53.50cents; I favored a reversal.
Support @ 2,550-60 | 2,520 | 2,480-90 | 2,420-40.
Resistance @ 2,590-2,600 | 2,615-35 | 2,650
FCPO - Inside Bar, Reversal or Continuation?? (Feb 04)

That's all for today.
Happy Hunting!! :)

I had received comments that the charts look blur on the blog. For better viewing, just save the image & open outside the browser will help a little.
Hereon, I'll save those image on a higher resolution to give a clearer view. 
Thanks for the comments! :)

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