Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Manipulative KLCI (Aug 15)

How they manipulate the KLCI index (Aug 15, 2012)
The above snapshot should very well explain why I personally despise our local stock counters. I'm actually quite furious about this kind of FUNKY CLOSING(s) for KLCI.


I haven't even show the charts on CYBERT, GPRO, E&O....etc. Their market capital can go doubled, then halves, all within a matter of a few weeks, if not days.

One friend commented on my previous post, saying that he dislikes Futures, & is now enjoying charting on good fundamental stocks in KLCI. 
Well, only by manipulating certain GOOD FUNDAMENTAL STOCKS, will our beloved index rocket up within the last miute of trading like that.

From what I observed & experienced, the ONE & ONLY ONE WAY to investing in our local stock market is to follow....

The WARREN BUFFET Way of Investing: 
Buy a good company with potential GROWTH PROSPECT, spare 10% of your monthly income to invest in it for the next 10-20 years
Investment objective: Beat inflation, Dividend income, Retirement fund

Other than that, there's hardly any chance for retailers like us, without any UNFAIR ADVANTAGE of getting FASTER & MORE 'ACCURATE' INFO, to make money from KLCI stocks.

For those faithful local stock investors out there, follow the Buffet style.
Otherwise, sorry for being blunt, but I really wish you all EXTRAORDINARY LUCK to profit from this manipulative market. 

Just a post to refute those noises that bothers me recently. 

Again, I'm not advocating everybody to jump into futures market, but we have to ACQUIRE MORE & MORE KNOWLEDGE...

Just so we can BE AWARE of / IDENTIFY 'funky happenings' in the market, & be able to give ourselves MORE OPTIONS to make a more INFORMED DECISIONS.

The same applies to all other decisions we made in life. This is an information age, know more, because:

KNOWLEDGE is MONEY!! ------ Robert Kiyosaki, Unfair Advantage

Only then, we can...

Hunt Happily!!
Enjoy!! :)


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