Monday, April 23, 2012

NICORP - Lower Lows in Correction (A Follow-up)

NICORP - Lower Low (23 April, 2012)

NICORP opened higher at 0.530 but closed at the low of 0.505, which makes a lower low from the previous low of 0.520 on April 10. This nullify the breakout pattern I mentioned on my previous post ---> "NICORP - Saucer in Formation".

Nonetheless, without the pattern, or with "intended" distortion of the pattern, neither will be able to make me change my mind on the counter's latest rebound from the low of 0.430 earlier this month. Experience or instinct, both are telling me it's just another hanky-panky act from the SHARKs, so I called them. :p

More elaborations on the chart. Let's see if I'm right about THEM!


1 comment:

  1. NICORP's signature 18-day correction is due today....Let's see if there will be a rebound hereon


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